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SLR specialise in all forms of loft conversions and there are a number of different styles that you can choose from. The type of conversion available for your home will be dependant upon a number of different factors. Some of these may include; planning permission, house type, conservation areas,
roof height and space available, etc. Call SLR on 01323 873815 for your free no obligation survey to determine the best solution for your home.

Velux conversion

The most cost effective conversion limited to within the roof line allowing a lot of natural light into the room

Dormer conversion

The best way of maximising the space you have available with your loft. This type of conversion offers the possibility of a master en-suite bedroom, sometimes creating two bedrooms depending on the size of your property.

Pitch roof dormer conversions

These are the most aesthetically appealing loft conversions from the exterior of your property. Usually two of three dormers would be situated in the roof of your property.  This conversion offers more internal space than a Velux conversion yet less than a dormer.

Gable up dormer conversions

This type of conversion dramatically alters
your roofs appearance usually applies to a
semi-detached or end terrace property. The hip end of your roof is altered to create a larger roof space, enabling a dormer to be constructed on the rear of the property. This conversion offers the possibility of creating a master bedroom en-suite out of your unused roof space. 

For more examples please view our gallery page to see previous lofts we have converted in these styles.


The types of conversions explained above are the four main examples of loft conversions. 
There are variations to these conversions, for more information call SLR on 01323 873815 or contact us via our Enquiry page.

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