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What we can offer to you

Free no obligation survey of your property.  Our representative will visit your property to assess the validity of your loft for conversion and to discuss the options available to you.  Measurements of your property will be taken and drawings provided to help you understand the options available.

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SLR offers a full design package. We undertake all aspects of your conversion, surveying your property, and providing you with structural calculations and drawings of your proposed project, taking into consideration maximising the potential space you have available to you. 

Part build

SLR offer a part build scheme, this scheme offers you a cheaper conversion where we take the build up to the part of second fixing your conversion.  This scheme will enable the keen DIY client to finish the conversion leaving the structural work and roofing aspects of the project to expert teams.  For more information on this scheme call SLR on 01323 873815.

Optional  re-roof

Many clients opt for re-roofing the remaining untouched roof of their property, taking advantage of having a scaffolding and experienced contractors on their property.  By doing this they significantly reduce their future expenditures on the property, getting a completely new roof covering for a reduced price.  Our 10 year guarantee includes this, should you opt to having the works done. 

Full Build

Full build is where SLR undertake the whole build of your loft conversion.  Both schemes are fully compliant with building regulations and bespoke information provided by the client on their vision for their completed conversion.

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